Oven / Stove Repair

Oven & Stove Repair
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From Ovens that won't heat to Stoves that pilot won't light, we can fix them all.

Ovens are one of the appliances to quickly develop a fault, maybe because we have to feed our stomachs all the time. Whatever the reasons maybe, oven repair usually require some of the best-trained technicians for results. Being an important appliance in the home, it is understandable for individuals to be distraught. Some of the most common complications that could go wrong with an oven, and would cause you to seek for an oven / stove repair in Cleveland are as follows:

  • -> Lack of power: This is usually as a result of melted wires, loose connections, or thermal fuses issues.

  • -> Overheating: This usually occurs as a result of a faulty thermostat. The thermostat usually controls the flow of temperature to the oven.

  • -> Oven won't heat up: This happens when the heating element is worn out and needs to be replaced.

We offer the best oven/stove repair service in Charleston. Our services are spread across all types of stoves regardless of the brands and model. Our team of technicians is very knowledgeable with the techniques needed to keep all brands of ovens in a good working condition. We are able to fix both old and recent models as we have all vital parts needed in case a replacement is in order.

Cleveland Appliance Repair is aimed at providing you with stellar service. Contact us today at (216) 738-8080 and be assured you're getting the best.

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